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What does ‘raw’ mean?

When we say our honey is raw, we mean that it has not been pasteurised or fine filtered.  We want the honey in our jars to be just as natural as it is when the bees produce it in their hives.
Pasteurisation is done using high temperatures (at least 63 degrees C), and fine-filtering removes most of the pollen and other small bits naturally found in honey.  These processes significantly damage the flavour and beneficial properties of the honey, and we want to make sure our products are as healthy, natural, and tasty as possible.  Any honey you see without the word 'raw' on the label will have been processed in these ways and possibly others.  
To ensure the best quality honey possible, we will only ever carry completely unpasteurised, only coarse-filtered, completely raw honey - the way honey should be.

Why has my honey crystalised? Is something wrong with it?

No, nothing is wrong with your honey.  All honey crystalises.  Some types of honey  take much longer than other types, but this is a completely natural process that will happen to all honeys sooner or later.  Honey which has been processed (pasteurised and fine-filtered) will generally take longer than raw honey to crystalise, but even this honey will crystalize eventually.
We only supply completely raw honey, which has all the good bits still in it (pollen, bits of propolis, beeswax and sometimes royal jelly). These bits give the natural sugars in honey 'seeds' from which to start crystalising, which means our honey will often set more quickly than other less raw honey.
The amount of time it takes for a particular honey to crystalise depends on numerous factors, including the temperature at which the honey is stored, the amount of pollen and other bits in the honey, the proportion of natural glucose, the moisture content, the size of the container, etc ...  All these factors together make it impossible to predict exactly when a particular honey will crystalise.

How do I store and use my Honey?

Honey is best stored with the lid fully closed and out of direct sunlight. If you can keep it somewhere that stays a bit warm (but not too hot), then the honey will generally stay runny a bit longer as well.